Sponsor A Student: $4,500

Sponsor A Student: $4,500

Your investment will help one student partcipate in the Seeking, Getting and KEEPING the Job Series program, a career exploration and development program that helps students improve their professional skills, ability to promote their talent and transition into a job/career.

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Help make a student's future a little brighter

Your investment will help students be able to:

  • Improve professional communication skills
  • Gain industry-specific exposure
  • Learn new industry-specific skills
  • Get connected to a paid internship
  • Develop personal and professional communication skills
  • Develop an interview-ready portfolio
  • Acquire a full interview kits with a business outfit, padfolio, business cards and case
  • Tour companies to explore career opportunities
  • Get coached and trained by industry and talent development professionals

“The Group Coaches in the SGKJ Series program helped me become more confident with preparing a speech then sharing it publicly in room fillu of professionals. It was scary but I did it! They also helped me get a job at Foot Locker.” 



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