The Impact of C.A.R.E.

Since 2015, we have given 44 care packages to millennials with houseld incomes at $45,000 or less. Theses C.A.R.E. packages and the Higher Education Prep Series truly help students prepare for the transition into a new learning and living environments.

98% of the students who received a C.A.R.E. packages are enrolled in school.

The workshop was one of the most helpful programs I have ever attended. I am so grateful for the knowledge that Mission Accomplished shared and although I am overwhelmed with your generous dorm room bin, the information I gained will last me a lifetime.

-James, Albany High School Student

I figured this series was going to be repetitive to what I learned at freshman orientation, but it wasn’t at all. They didn’t talk about time management or goal setting at my orientation, so learning this information was very helpful.

 –Quamel, Green Tech Charter High School

Receiving all of these supplies is truly a blessing!



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