Mission Accomplished Transition Services celebrated the work of six student interns on Saturday, June 10, with a Creative Teen Showcase at the Blake Annex in downtown Albany.

(Albany, NY) June 10, 2023 – The Creative Teen Showcase took place on Saturday, June 10 at the Blake Annex in downtown Albany. The event showcased the talents and career aspirations of six interns who completed the Teen Construction + Design Institute and the Teen Fashion + Beauty Institute. 

The Institutes—products of Mission Accomplished Transition Services (MA)— are eight month long internship programs that give aspiring young professionals hands-on experience and mentorship from industry leaders. The programs strategically focus on enhancing student interns confidence and providing them with the tools they need to succeed in their endeavors. The student interns are paired with industry leaders who teach them about business operations and systems, developing a personal brand, and working collaboratively with industry peers and experts.

The showcase kicked off with a networking reception and vendor fair, which gave attendees a chance to take pictures, have lunch, buy raffle tickets, and check out the students’ vendor tables. There was a joyous energy in the room which buzzed with people who were there to support the young professionals as they prepared to move on to the next chapter of their lives. 

In front of their family, friends and mentors, as well as local business leaders and entrepreneurs, the students gave in-depth visual presentations about their experiences while interning, career goals and what drives their pursuits. They also spoke candidly about the challenges they overcame and their visions for the future. 

Teen Fashion + Beauty Institute student interns Zy’Mira Bradley, rising jewelry designer and artist, and Zy’Asia Quiles, rising apparel designer and artist, spoke about interning with Karen “Kema” Maxwell, the creator of Kema Kreations, which is a luxury handbag company. During their internship, the students learned industry terminology and how to sew and source fabric, hardware and materials used to make handbags.

“You are not looking at Albany High students. You are looking at entrepreneurs, because I am one and I made them one,” said Maxwell. It was clear that she had formed a maternal bond with her mentees and was deeply impressed by their unique qualities. 

“As long as my doors are open you are welcome to walk through them,” she said to Bradley and Quiles as she cried tears of joy. 

The student interns who completed the Teen Construction + Design Institute are rising carpenters and aspiring real estate agents, Abreham Myers and Zy’Aire Mackey; rising muralist and aspiring social entrepreneur, Neveah “Nini” Hairston; and Elissya Carmona, rising muralist and aspiring tattoo artist. 

Myers and Mackey helped build the Endure Indoor Skatepark at Noteworthy Resources Center in the City of Albany. They were mentored by carpenters of the Albany Artisans, a company that specializes in historic restoration. Hairston and Carmona painted portable murals to help beautify the inside of Endure Indoor Skatepark at Noteworthy Resources Center in the City of Albany.

After their presentations, the floor was opened for entrepreneurs and mentors in the audience to offer the interns words of encouragement and job opportunities. 

The Teen Construction + Design Institute and the Teen Fashion + Beauty Institute were made possible through the partnership and support of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, New York State CAPP grant, NYSED grant, Carl E. Touhey Foundation grand and The Blake Annex Membership Fund. 

Carmen Duncan



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