Sponsor One Student: $8,000

Sponsor One Student: $8,000

Your investment will help one student participated in one of our Institutes.

Sponsor a student seeking to grow their brand, increase their visibility and qualifications and make more money while doing what they love through one of our career and business development institutes.

We deliver our Institutes along two tracks: one for high school students and one for early career professionals. The high school track for students in grades 9-12 who participate in the Career Exploration Internship Program or other internship opportunities. The community based track is for early career professionals aged 18-35 with 2+ years of experience, who are coachable and seeking to advance their career within a company or to scale their business. 

Community Based Fashion Edition Institute, a 6 month program catered to rising fashion professionals and entrepreneurs.

Construction + Design Institute, catered to rising construction professionals and entrepreneurs and freelance mural painters and interior designers.

High School Based Social Entrepreneurship Institute, catered to high school students exploring a career as a business owner or nonprofit founder.

Help make a student's future a little brighter. Your investment will enable the student to:

  • Improve professional communication skills
  • Gain industry-specific exposure
  • Learn new industry-specific skills
  • Get connected to a paid internship
  • Develop personal and professional communication skills
  • Develop an interview-ready portfolio
  • Acquire a full business toolkit the supplies and equipment they need
  • Tour companies to explore career opportunities and make industry connections
  • Get coached and trained by industry and talent development professionals

“I made the decision to participate in the Fashion Edition Institute because I could not reach my goals totally alone and I wanted genuine support and feedback to get out of my head and get into the industry as a fashion stylist and image consultant.” – Jasenya McCauley, Owner of Styld n’ EMRGD



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