May 23, 2017 at 6:45 am Albany Barn, 52 2nd St. ALBANY, NY RSVP

Rites of Passage Ceremony

The Rites of Passage Ceremony will honor and celebrate the 8th class of the Seeking, Getting and Keeping the Job (SGKJ) Series and the 2nd season of the Fashion Edition. The Fashion Edition track of the SGKJ is designed to help aspiring fashion professionals launch a career in the fashion business, explore the various careers in the industry and develop the business skills required to market themselves in the global job market.

This ceremony will mark the transition from one phase of their budding professional life to another.

You will meet seven talented aspring and rising fashion professionals who are pursuing careers in the fashion industry as make-up artists to event producers. The dedication of these students demonstrate that they are prepared and hungry to transition into the next phase of making an impact in the professional world and global community.

During the ceremony, you will learn what’s next for them and how the Fashion Edition helped them develop a focused vision for their future career.

Meet the Students: 

Kat – Rising Event Producer

Malaika – Rising Event Producer & Stylist

Dominique (Wavy Nique) – Aspiring Wardrobe Fashion Stylist

Angie – Aspiring Plus Size Model

Twilisha – Rising Make-up Artist

Brandon – Rising Fashion Designer

Karenae – Aspiring Fashion Stylist/Nutritionist

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