Fashion + Beauty Institute

Fashion + Beauty Institute
Advance your fashion career. Scale your business. EMPOWER your confidence.

The Fashion + Beauty Institute opens more doors to an already established and popular fashion and beauty industries. The mentoring and coaching helps fashion professionals break through limiting beliefs, enhance your business knowledge and build the confidence to market your brand unapologetically. Throughout the Institute your knowledge and skills will be upgraded so you can leverage the industry in NY’s Capital Region and beyond. Industry professionals facilitate discussions and experiential exercises that provide in-depth conversations and demonstrations on how the competitive culture operates, how to gain visibility, increase revenue, manage time, how to develop an individual or company brand by selecting a clear area of subject matter expertise, the power of networking, and how to work within fashion companies as independent contractors or employees.

Student Quotes

We are proud this is what our fashion industry
alumni say about their experience with us!



Master Hairstylist

“Your product works!”

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Clothing Manufacturer + Graphic Designer + Muralist

“Through the Fashion Edition program I gained a greater understanding of how to articulate my message, vision and target market. I am more confident in who and what it represents.”

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Hairstylist and Life Coach

“Honestly what you have is really something great. This program [Fashion Edition Institute] has pushed me to be more vocal and be in full charge of my role.”

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