Higher Ed Suitcase

Preparing for life after high school brings a mixed bag of emotions – overwhelming, excitement, curiosity and more. Let Mission Accomplished help you make some choices.

Some people know what they want to do after high school and others do not. Some students know how to network, manage their finances, manage their time and other important life skills and others would like to improve their skills.  This series will help you learn how to manage your life as a student preparing for college, trade school or a gap year program.

What you will get out of the program


Explore all the options available to you after high school, from college to trade school to gap year programs (study abroad or gain work experience to experiment with possible future careers).

Money Management &

Giving Back

We help you develop a budget that matches your expenses and income, learn about scholarships and financial aid and commit to investing your time, talent and/or treasure into a charity organization that aligns with your passion.

Time-Management &

Setting Goals

It can be a challenge to stay focused with the distraction of modern-day technology and a fast paced world moving around you.  Our Coaches will help you learn how to balance work and life priorities, learn about apps that will help you focus and set realistic career and education goals.

Financial Aid &


Learn about scholarships, financial aid and fellowships that will support your career and life aspirations.

One Interview Kit:

  • 1 professional portfolio
  • 1 laptop/messenger bag
  • 1 personalized pen
  • 1 DVD with your mock interview
  • 1 book of scholarships


  • Improve your ability to craft and frame professional messages
  • Research resources that will assist with choosing the higher education institution that fits with your personality and career goals
  • Develop leadership skills requested by higher education insitutions
  • Strengthen professional self-confidence, image, vision and purpose
  • Improve research skills
  • Improve interviewing skills
  • Apply skills in real life situations with experienced higher education admissions professionals

Choose the program that will help you bring your career dreams to reality!


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