Teen Social Entrepreneurship Institute

Social Entrepreneurship Institute
Helping social entrepreneurs make an impact in their communities.

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Institute Summary

The teen Social Entrepreneurship Institute (SEI) exposes teens to various careers in the business and entrepreneurship, connects them with industry professionals and prepares them to market themselves as future business icons.

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Institute Details

Teens participating in their school’s internship program or seeking an internship are qualified to participate.  Through SEI students are exposed to careers and work experiences as aspiring social entrepreneurs. Teens who participate in the Social Entrepreneurship Institute are individuals seeking to address social, economic and racial justice issues through a business by donating services or products that help alleviate injustices (i.e. donate money to support a scholarship, donate fitness services at a teen program for youth without economic resources, etc.).  Once enrolled students will be interns of Mission Accomplished Transition Services. Student interns will participate in an extensive career mentorship and coaching program that provides a real life work experience through our social enterprise concept, Sparklite and develop their very own social enterprise idea.

The Institute addresses the barriers to entrepreneurship, particularly for women and Black Indigenous People of Color, by providing aspiring teenpreneurs with the necessary knowledge, experience and connections to prepare themselves to follow an entrepreneurial path while making an impact in their communities.

Weekly interactive and student centered workshops are developed and delivered in partnership with industry professionals.

Time commitment: 9 hours per week (October – June)

  • work two times per week at our office
  • work remotely one time per week from home or other location

Students will:

    • Gain access to local inspirational industry professionals
    • Learn about the career journeys and requirements from industry professionals
    • Strengthen their business etiquette skills and knowledge
    • Develop team building skills
    • Develop self-discipline in the workplace through remote work
    • Develop public speaking and professional writing skills
    • Explore various careers
    • Shadow local business leaders in their desired trade of interest
    • Are paired with 1-2 mentors that help them develop, pursue and achieve personal, professional and academic goals

Sparklite Beverages.

Sparklite Beverages is a made to order nonalcoholic carbonated beverage infused with fruits and/or herbs.

Through Sparklite Beverages, we provide opportunities for:

    • Coaching + mentorship
    • Community engagement
    • Networking/relationship building
    • Entrepreneurial development + experience
    • Business development + communications
    • Business administration
    • Product refinement + development
    • Marketing and public relations
    • Financial literacy (budget development and application)
    • Public speaking
    • Branding
    • Fundraising

Program Impact


of students say the Institute helps them further explore a career as a business owner


of students completed (2018-2019 school year)


of students secured employment


students participated in the New York State Business Model Competition


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To learn more about the Social Entrepreneurship Institute, call:

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