Internship Program

Internship Programs

Interning with Mission Accomplished will expose you to the ins and outs of operating a start-up nonprofit.

MA Question: Are you a student and seeking ways to apply theory to practice? Oh, and looking for ways to improve your resume?

Your Answer: Yes.

MA’s Response: AWESOME! We invite students majoring in business, social work, public administration and communications (marketing, graphic design, social media, photography and videography).

The Mission Accomplished internship program works with students and schools to help aspiring young professionals to develop the skills employers demand from candidates. It is important to us to help prepare you for the workforce while helping you identify your career aspirations and goals. Besides, your energy helps us make sure we stay in a Millennial state of mind!


Have a passion for helping teens and your peers prepare for the workforce

Have a passion for connecting teens and your peers to higher education, carer and philanthropic opportunities

Have a passion for helping a Mission Accomplished grow

Desire to strengthen your abilities while enhancing your resume

Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Desire to work in a team and solo

Adaptable to multiple environments

Benefits to YOU:

Networking opportunities with peers, experienced professionals and local VIP’s (elected officials and business leaders)

Professional development (training related to your position, opportunities to lead a project, etc.)

An opportunity to learn more about your career aspirations with the help of the CEO & Founder

Earn course credit

Resume booster

Gain work experience and transferrable skills while applying theory to practice

An opportunity to “test drive” a possible career path

An opportunity to gain confidence in your abilities

If you are interested in joining our team click here to complete the application.


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