We Continue to Build and Coach The Next Millennial Leaders


Ian participated in the Bridge 2 Your Dreams program from October 2016 – June 2018. He began his journey with Mission Accomplished fearful to speak up for what he wanted in life post-high school although he was sure of the careers he wanted to pursue. Today he is a student at Bard College and unapologetically directs and advocates for his future success. A heartfelt statement made by Ian that we will forever remember is when he said “Pray that I get into Bard… I hope I get in!” Ian asked the crowd for their prayers during our 2018 Inspire Possibilities Brunch. At 8 p.m. on January 18, 2018 he received a phone call from a Bard College admissions counselor with news he was eager to hear “you’ve been accepted!” Ian was elated and relieved. Today Ian continues to merge his love of music, an urban farming and education.Ian is a musician, urban farmer and aspiring teacher.


When it comes to style few are on par with Chantel. This talented young aspiring fashion stylist is now a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

Mission Accomplisheds’ Fashion Edition program enabled Chantel to:

  • Explore multiple career options and discover her passion for being a fashion stylist.
  • Be exposed to the realities and the behind the scenes business responsibilities in the fashion industry.
  • Create a professional resume and business cards which will get her one step closer to breaking into the fashion scene.
  • Exercise her public speaking and professional writing skills.

I learned a lot, there is definitely way more to the fashion industry and pursuing a career than I would have ever imagined. I definitely learned it is very time-consuming and EXPENSIVE.


Rayheim, was a 10th grade student at Green Tech Charter High School with huge dreams when he was with us. He continues to  explores a variety of career opportunities from a law to computer science. In addition, Rayheim is an all around student athlete and plays AAU basketball in Albany. He is the embodiment of a thoughtful, caring, and committed student who has a bright future.  


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