Mission and Vision

Where Passion meets Purpose!

Mission Statement:

To help aspiring young professionals prepare for the global economy by providing access to coaching, job training and professional development.

We believe everyone should have access to intentional guidance that will help them reach their fullest potential. At Mission Accomplished Transition Services we serve as coaches, mentors and sponsors. As coaches, we assist students with establishing and achieving measurable goals. As mentors, we informally assist students with navigating through their personal and professional lives. As sponsors, we use our network and influence to give students access to influential people, meaningful careers and assist with all or some of the costs for professional development opportunities.

During coaching sessions students gain clarity on next steps, their passion, their purpose, and develop confidence in their ability to lead their transition into the global workforce, higher education and a life of giving back.

At the core of our philosophy, we help students “MELC IT”

“MELC IT” stands for:

Mobilize resources while learning to teach others

Employ and evaluate personal and professional goals by meeting self-directed expectations

Lead by example

Create and apply innovative ideas to real world situations

Initiate projects from start to finish

Take ownership of their own destiny


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