Program Scholarships

At Mission Accomplished, we do our best to work with all students regardless of their financial situation.

Charles Touhey and Dr. Alice Green Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: $250

Mr. Charles Touhey and Dr. Alice Green are respected advocates in the Capital Region community and beyond. Mr. Touhey consistently influences teachers and community members to stimulate students with culturally responsive teaching methods that allow students of color to see themselves as valuable assets to our world.  Dr. Green is an influential civil rights advocate and founder of the Center for Law and Justice. Dr. Green fights for the rights of people in prison and who have criminal records. Her passion and commitment to this work has helped countless people navigate the legal system to help them have a better quality of life.

Mr. Touhey and Dr. Green established this program scholarship because they believe in your ability to bring value to Capital Region companies as long as you have the job/career coaching you need to get prepared for a meaningful position.

This scholarship is for young adults who will participate in the Seeking, Getting and KEEPING the Job Series and embody the same compassion and commitment to make a change in the Capital Region community through education and advocating for the civil rights of others.

Believe in Yourself Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: $250

The Believe in Yourself Scholarship will be awarded to a students who are empowered to make a positive impact while participating in the Seeking, Getting and KEEPING the Job Series coaching sessions. The recipients of this scholarships will have displayed a passion for learning, a desire to succeed and a strong belief in their personal values.

Creative Mind Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: $250

The Creative Mind Scholarship was established with the emerging fashion professionals in mind. This scholarship will be awarded to a Fashion Edition applicant. To be considered for this scholarship you must have been selected to participate in the Fashion Edition program.

We are seeking to help applicants who are creative, seeking to refine their talent and make themselves marketable while learning what works and what doesn’t. From the designers to the stylists to those in charge of merchandising, a career in fashion can also mean a career in big business, so you need to be savvy enough to recognize not only what looks good, but how to present and market what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

So let the fun begin, market yourself for a chance to win a $250 scholarship for the Fashion Edition program.

The recipients will agree to serve as ambassadors for the Fashion Edition program the year following their transition from the program. As an ambassador you will attend and share your experience at 2 event, on your personal social media pages and help promote the event through your social media page.


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