Abdul Habib Saadiq

Small Business Development Specialist

Abdul Habib Saadiq is our Small Business Development Specialist. He comes to us with over 20 years practical work experience in the fields of program management, project management and community development through national and international endeavors. In addition, Abdul was a Team Leader for the Youth Group and provided enormous support to the workforce in the field of knowledge management, capacity building, vocational training and sport activities. He always encourages the younger generation to obtain the required knowledge and be the part of the workforce within their communities.

Abdul is committed to providing mentorship and support to aspiring and established small business owners participating in our Teen and Advanced Construction + Design and Fashion + Beauty Institutes. In this role he identifies business opportunities and facilitates connections with industry corporations and professionals aligned with student and alumni business goals. Abdul is passionate about the mission and vision of our thriving organization as well as racial, social, and economic justice. As the Small Business Development Specialist, he will provide the opportunity for creating positive, memorable learning experiences for Mission Accomplished students, alumni, partners and team members. Abdul believes in the ability of the young talents and supports every attempt to reveal them and encourages them to bring their dreams into reality.

Abdul says:

The Mission Accomplished Transition Services impressed and encouraged me to take part in the capacity building and knowledge development of our younger generation who are expected to be successful leaders in the future.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.



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