Fatima Bey

Institute Producer

Fatima Bey comes to us with much experience and great enthusiasm as the Institute Producer. In this role she will oversee the Fashion Edition Institute and Construction + Design Institute. Fatima is very passionate about helping others to reach their next level in business and life. She brings her entrepreneurial, leadership, and coaching skills to help the students and alumni of Mission Accomplished Transition Services advance in their careers, businesses and overall life!

She is an internationally award winning entrepreneur through her bridal sewing business Abishai and has over 10 years experience as an educator through community colleges and community based organizations. Fatima has worked with the Fashion Edition Institute since 2016 as an advisor, mentor and coach to the students. She is also a MindShift Coach known as Fatima Bey The MindShifter. Through this coaching business she also writes for Blessings Magazine, has a regular segment on Blessings Radio, and has her own Youtube channel. Fatima is happy to bring all of her expertise onboard.



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