Jessica V. Gilbert

Senior Operations and Contract Specialist

Jessica Gilbert is our Senior Operations and Contract Specialist. She comes to us with over 25 years of experience in the field of education. Jessica received her undergraduate degree in Anthropology from SUNY Plattsburgh with a focus on Women’s Studies and her Masters in Education, MEd, in Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning from George Mason University. Ever since Jessica was a little girl she knew she wanted to help people so she has pursued life, education, and work experiences that would lead her to the fulfillment of this goal. Jessica has worked in the field of Education since undergrad and has been honing her coaching skills since high school where not only was she a peer mediator but started participating in training and workshops to learn more. Since then she has participated in countless trainings and workshops, from Education theory and practice, to Canoe training and others, such as Diversity Trainings offered by National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI), The Power of Speaking, Pre-Natal and Yoga Teacher Training. Jessica believes the diversity of her experiences has helped her be a more compassionate, understanding person and provides a unique perspective.

Jessica has worked in after-school care, outdoor education, a High school, and at two local colleges. Jessica worked with youth who were considered “At-Risk”, taught high school for students labeled with emotional disabilities, worked with students with disabilities in several settings, and worked as an adjunct instructor teaching courses ranging from Introduction to College, to Child Psychology. After Jessica worked at, helped develop, and built the Center for Academic Engagement at HVCC she transferred to SUNY Schenectady where she started as the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and was promoted to Dean of Academic Affairs in two years. Here she excelled as a team builder, she was able to build a strong team who excelled at working together while focusing on student success, while she did not have direct student contact she was hoping to make a difference in the programs and policies they built, sustained, and created. Jessica believes policies at an Educational institution should be student centered and worked hard to ensure that.

Jessica believes in education, that education can help people and make the difference in their lives, but also that the current education system is not necessarily set up for all students, in fact for many students. It has been her goal to do what she can to help change that and she is optimistic she can continue to do that at Mission Accomplished Transition Services.

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