Michaela Vecerkauskas

Senior Operations and Contract Specialist

Michaela Vecerkauskas is our Workforce Development Specialist. She brings her knowledge and experience of the Construction Industry, along with her compassion and empathy for others. Michaela was a member of the Carpenter’s Union for two years and during that time she built scaffolding and worked with concrete as well as learned about how the industry works and made connections within the field. Michaela is determined to make a difference in the community and excited to work one-on-one with her students in the Construction+Design and the Fashion+Beauty Institutes to help support their career journey. She is responsible for researching different companies in each industry and building a relationship with each one to establish an understanding of which company will be the best fit for each of the students.

Michaela brings her enthusiasm, positive attitude, passionate drive, and determination with her to Mission Accomplished. She understands the importance of having a strong support system and how to empower those around us. Her bubbly energy allows the students to feel like they can build a bond with her.

Michaela says:

We are Spartans in Sneakers!

Michaela vecerkauskas


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