Rachel Rankin

Senior Operations and Contract Specialist

Rachel Rankin brings a high level of enthusiasm and drive to the Own Your Career Department as the Programs + Events Specialist. Her experience comes from a large diversity of aspects in event planning, specifically in the Arts industry, where her passion for creating a platform for underrepresented members of the art community shines through.

Her skills in leadership, collaboration, negotiation, and effective communication has led to huge strides in breaking down barriers in prejudice within academic and artistic spaces, specifically in regard to the dispersal of budget within the SUNY system. Additionally, in her previous position as the Student Activities Director at Purchase College at SUNY, she brought together University Police, the Counseling & Health Center, and Administration, in order to make crucial rewrites to the Code of Conduct that discouraged victims of assault from feeling uncomfortable to report their experiences, especially those within the BIPOC Community. Rachel knows that creating an accessible, inclusive, and safe environment for people to express their creativity and personal identity is crucial to gain productive learning experiences.

Rachel is thrilled to be the Program + Events Specialist, where she can learn from her fellow Mission Accomplished Team, and the students she collaborates with everyday.

Photo Credit: JC Photography


Rachel Rankin


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