Sarah Stephenson

Digital Media + Graphic Design Apprentice

Sarah Stephenson is the Social Media + Research Intern for Mission Accomplished Transition Services. Sarah is studying at Sage College of Albany to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a double-concentration in entrepreneurial studies and marketing, and a minor in psychology. Sarah has a passion for expressing her creativity through her work, whether that be through graphic design of social media posts, planning events and organizational functions, or working collaboratively with others on projects to come up with new ideas.

Sarah loves to connect with others. Her role as an intern with Mission Accomplished extends far beyond a simple job description. She aims to bring a positive change to the community by spreading knowledge and building meaningful relationships with others.

Sarah likes to stay active. Between going to school full-time, working 3 jobs and volunteering, all while maintaining an active social life, it is a wonder how she can keep up with her responsibilities. Nonetheless, through lots of hard work, planning and organization, she remains a dedicated young professional.


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