Stand UP! Institute

Become the leader your community needs.

The Stand UP! Institute is a community development and organizing training program to help you take action against social justice issues in your community and the world. Through this program, you will choose an issue that you are passionate about i.e., student loans, affordable housing, grant writing, economic development, etc. then learn how to tackle the issue to create an environment of change and positive impact.

Stand UP!

Identify social justice issues within your community then work with a team of your peers to develop a realistic action plan to establish solutions and create change. The Stand UP! advisors will advise you on how to use proven transferrable community development techniques to organize teams that will spark action and lead change. Community development and organizing skills are transferrable to work environments; these skills will help you become confident with organizing work groups to meet company goals.


Getting your voice heard is not an easy task, especially when you represent a disenfranchised community or group. Once you identify the issue, we will help you to make sure that you speak to influencers (i.e. elected officials, etc.) with message that is bold, convincing, and effective.


The world is changed through direct action. Our advocates will help you plan out and strategize the action plans, strategy, and milestones for any community initiative.

The Perks

One Community Organizer kit:

  • 1 T-shirt with your team name and logo
  • 1 DVD of your work in action
  • 1 team plaque (1 per person)
  • 1 pack of post it notes
  • 1 pack of markers


  • Improve your community organizing, development and public speaking skills
  • Choose a social justice issue to address or community initiative to support
  • Build a powerful team
  • Develop shared goals
  • Design and implement an action plan to influence change
  • Use your voice to educate the community, government and elected officials
  • Get connected to a paid internship, apprenticeship or job with a community organizing and development organization

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