The Journey

The Journey
Where Passion Meets Purpose!

Mission Statement

To prepare rising young professionals and entrepreneurs for the workforce by providing access to industry specific coaching, mentoring, and sponsorship.

We bring the mission to life by…..

We believe everyone should have access to intentional guidance that will help them reach their fullest potential. At Mission Accomplished Transition Services we serve as coaches, mentors and sponsors. As coaches, we assist students with establishing and achieving measurable goals. As mentors, we informally assist students with navigating through their personal and professional lives. As sponsors, we use our network and influence to give students access to influential people, meaningful careers and assist with all or some of the costs for professional development opportunities.

During coaching sessions students gain clarity on next steps, their passion, their purpose, and develop confidence in their ability to lead their transition into the global workforce, higher education and a life of giving back.

At the core of our mission, we help students “MELC IIT”

“MELC IT” stands for:

Mobilize resources while learning to teach others

Employ and evaluate personal and professional goals

Lead by example

Create and apply innovative ideas

Initiate projects from start to finish

Invest in charitable organizations and projects

Take ownership of your destiny

It’s hard not to think about the different ways in which students age 13-35 in high school, college, trade school and gap year programs will shape the future. These generations encompass a creativity, hustle and innovative DNA that has changed the way we shop, live and eat. As we move forward there will be a need for more innovators, disruptors and leaders to fix problems and re-imagine the way we do things.

The motivation behind our existence…..

But how can we best support the leaders of tomorrow?

This is the question Carmen “Coach Carmen” Duncan set out to answer in 2012 when she established Mission Accomplished Transition Services (Mission Accomplished), a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Many people in this world have been fortunate enough to not have struggled. Some people have never experienced homelessness, violence and hunger. Yet, this was Carmen’s path. As a teenage girl she became a young woman who had to circumvent adverse circumstances with the help of family, friends, coaches and mentors who believed in her vision. Her life experiences inspired her to commit herself to “paying it forward” by offering a career education organization that provides coaches and mentors who recognize the power of all rising young professionals and entrepreneurs, no matter their socioeconomic background.

Coach Carmen was and is incredibly passionate about helping people acknowledge their inherent skill sets then helping them develop new ones, improve their self-confidence and pursue their wildest dreams!

After 6 years of providing coaching and mentoring for young professionals and entrepreneurs with a desire to pursue or advance their careers in any industry, in 2017 Coach Carmen and her team decided they it’d be best to focus their time on becoming subject matter experts in fashion, construction, event planning and the development of social enterprises.

The guiding principles behind what we do……..

Our career and business development programs are influenced by the Positive Youth Development (PYD) framework developed by the National Research Council and Institute for Medicine. “PYD is an approach that favors leadership and skill building opportunities” (Putting Positive Youth Development into Practice, 2007).

PYD encourages us to recognize and cultivate the existing skills, knowledge and experiences of aspiring young professionals. Although this framework was designed for youth, we adapt it to ALL our programs and see it as a Positive Development framework.

We provide industry-specific career + business development programs through……

Transition Coaching: One-on-one coaching that challenges students to define the career(s) they want to pursue, who they are and how they want to show up in the world (brand identity), why they exist in this world and learn how to benefit from interdependent relationships with coaches, peers and mentors. Together, the students work  as a team to design a customized industry-specific action plan with clear goals, making the right connections and gaining access to opportunities that will lead to employment in their desired industry.

Transition Coaches are like sports coaches, they develop relationships with their “players”, provide instructions, assist with locating and connecting with resources then encourage them to get on the “field” and use their skills and knowledge to win the game of life.

Group Coaching: Group coaching includes 2-15 students and is designed to inspire students to learn together (team development and community building) while challenging eqach other to authentically and unapologetically prepare for their desired career path; event if people in their lives down play their journey.

All coaching programs support:

    • personal growth
    • professional development and advancement
    • opportunities to apply skills in real life business situations
    • career exploration
    • opportunities to connect with respected industry professionals
    • connect with and get hired as apprentices, employees or consultants

By the completion of the coaching sessions students will have improved their ability to think critically, take initiative, have a vision for their future and prepared to take on leadership roles within the global workforce and their communities.


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