Transition Coach

Business executives have coaches and so should you!

What you can expect from our coaches.

Build the Relationship

You will foster a trusting relationship with your Coach. Your Coach will motivate you to take control of your life, overcome your fears and become confident with pursuing your goals.

Result-Driven Plan

You and your Coach will develop a plan with specific, measurable, actionable relevant and timely (SMART) goals that will help you transition into your career, higher education and philanthropy (invest your time, talent or treasure into a community-based organization).

Higher Education and Career Exploration

You will explore and research the colleges, vocational/trade schools, advanced professional training and careers you would like to pursue.

Take Ownership of YOUR Destiny

Your Coach will help you direct your future life!

How will a Transition Coach help you?

Transition Coaches will help you with the transition from school to work, work to school or job to job. This process is designed to support you with creating and employing a customized plan that fits your unique career and educational goals. Your Coach will take the time to understand your individual aspirations instead of employing a one size fits all approach! The goals are to help you feel confident about the professional and academic choices you make and to support you with becoming a more skilled, qualified candidate who has the ability to market yourself to the professional world .

Transition Coaches are like sports coaches, they develop relationships with their “players”, provide guidance and resources, assist with recruiting “cheerleaders” (a network of experienced professionals) then encourage their “players” to get on the “field” and use their skills to win in the game of life.

Coaching Program Fees = $100/session

Your sessions will be customized to meet your career, higher education and philanthropic goals. During your time with a Coach you will  learn about job candidate requirements for the industries you desire to work in, create a results-driven action plan that will motivate you to find the right position, build the right network, develop the right professional skills, craft the right message and make the right career, higher education and philanthropic choices.

You will:

  • Meet with a Coach weekly or bi-weekly
  • Search for and get hired for an industry-specific career, job, apprenticeship and/or internship
  • Design professional documents (i.e. resume, business cards, etc.)
  • Search for and enroll in college, vocational or trade school and/or other advanced professional training
  • Prepare for interviews and professional social environments
  • Search for and enroll in leadership development training programs
  • Search for and commit to philanthropic activities (i.e. community service, donating to a cause-driven organization, etc.)

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