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Mission Statement:

To prepare rising young professionals andentrepreneurs for the workforce by providing access to industry specific coaching, mentoring,and sponsorship.

We believe everyone should have access to help and support so they can reach their fullest potential. At Mission Accomplished we coach, develop and support millennials to become amazing visionary leaders. Our programming prepares millennials to find their purpose, develop their skills and transition into the global workforce, higher education and philanthropy (investing time, talent and treasure into community-based organizations) . We believe millennials have the power to become mature, active and compassionate global citizens. We empower millennials to take responsibility of their future and live a life of purpose. This is why at the core of all our programming is our philosophy that we call “MELC IT”.

“MELC IT” stands for:

Mobilize resources while learning to teach others

Employ and evaluate personal and professional goals by meeting self-directed expectations

Lead by example

Create and apply innovative ideas to real world situations

Initiate projects from start to finish

Take ownership of their own destiny

At Mission Accomplished, we encourage our students to train for success, launch their leadership skills and find their place in the professional world. We encourage all millennials to realize that they are powerful change agents of the global society. We work in collaboration with our students to define their path as they transition into the global job market.

It’s hard not to think about the different ways in which millennials will shape the future. This generation encompasses a creativity, hustle and innovative DNA that has changed the way we shop, live and eat. As we move forward there will be a need for more innovators, disruptors and leaders to fix problems and re-imagine the way we do things.

But how can we best support the leaders of tomorrow?

This is the question Coach Carmen Duncan set out to answer in 2012 when she founded Mission Accomplished. Many Americans have been fortunate enough to not have struggled. We’ve never had to experience homelessness, violence and hunger. Yet, this was Coach Carmen’s path. As a teenage girl she became a young woman who had to circumvent the idea she would succumb to her experiences with youth homelessness and the impacts of street violence, family incarceration and substance abuse with the help of family, friends and coaches, mentors and sponsors who believed in her vision. Her life experiences inspired her to commit herself to “paying it forward” by offering an organization that provides coaches, mentors, and sponsors who recognize the power of all rising young professionals who are hungry to make a difference in their global professional world and their communities and passionate about recognizing the skills they already have while helping them to develop new competencies, improve their self-confidence and pursue their wildest dreams!

Mission Accomplished is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in NY’s Capital Region. Mission Accomplished was incorporated December 2012.

The programs and services are influenced by the Positive Youth Development (PYD) framework developed by the National Research Council and Institute for Medicine. “PYD is an approach that favors leadership and skill building opportunities” (Putting Positive Youth Development into Practice, 2007). Although, the framework is focused on youth, we believe this framework works for ALL!

PYD encourages us to recognize and cultivate the existing skills, knowledge and experiences of young professionals and entrepreneurs.

We support skill strengthening and development by offering:

Mentoring: We foster informal relationships to guide students on personal and professional goals and life experiences.

Coaching: We offer 3 forms of coaching:

  • Transition coaching is a one-on-one goal achievement process where students define who they are, why they exist in this world and learn how to benefit from an interdependent relationship with a coach. Transition Coaches are like sports coaches, they develop relationships with their “players”, provide instructions, assist with locating and connecting with resources then encourage them to get on the “field” and use their skills and knowledge to win the game of life.
  • Group coaching provides a peer learning environment where our students learn and complete projects together. Our group coaching promotes a collaboration over competition learning environment. Group coaching support personal and community growth, professional advancement, skill development and opportunities to apply skills in real life situations.
  • Industry coaching pairs students with industry professionals who guide them through the process of taking action steps to achieve goals, learn about industry norms and requirement.

Sponsorship: We provide free and low cost career and college readiness and industry specific career and small business development programs. We also assist students and alumni with paying for professional development opportunities outside of our organization, supplies and equipment.

All services allow us to support our students and alumni explore career options and connect with industry professionals, opportunities and employment. By the completion of our programs students will be masters at skill strengthening, critical thinking, taking initiative, have a vision for their future and be able to take on leadership roles within the global workforce and their communities.

At Mission Accomplished we believe it takes a village to achieve any goal. This is why we partner with businesses to assure that our industry-specific coaching and training programs offer the most relevant information and connect students to industry professionals. Industry-specific coaching and training programs help millennials to understand the expectations of specific positions, explore careers and navigate the right steps toward the industry they aspire to work within; and allows us to work alongside businesses to pre-screen and develop future employees. This form of coaching helps build a bridge of understanding between the candidate and companies/industries.

Our strategic partners help us strengthen communities by connecting families, schools, government, businesses and other entities to share in the success of developing the future workforce. Our partners are sponsors that invest their time, talent and/or treasure into the students. Help create a better future and community by becoming a strategic partner! Click here to learn about strategic partner opportunities or contact Coach Carmen at 518-207-0209 ext. 800 or email .

We appreciate the strategic partners who have helped us help students:


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