Financial and In-Kind Investments

Financial + In-Kind Investments
Make an investment, change lives, and see results

Make a Financial Investment

Checks can be addressed to Mission Accomplished Transition Services or Mission Accomplished. Mail to our office: 433 State St, 4th Floor, Schenectady, NY 12305.

Click here to make an online investment.

Make a Matching Gift

Many employers provide matching gifts as a way of supporting the causes championed by their employees. For more information about whether your employer offers this kind of support talk with your Community Relations or Social Responsibility department.

Make an In-Kind Investment

In-kind investments are non-financial contributions that help support the day-to-day operations, initiatives and special events and programs that are central to our mission. We are currently accepting a variety of in-kind contributions. Call us at 518-207-0209 or complete our Contact form.

Host A Private Party

Celebrate a birthday. Throw a dinner party. Teach people a skill. Get creative and design a fundraising campaign that makes sense for you. We are here to make it easy for you.

Click here for details on how to throw a winning party.

Throughout the year we accept investments for the following initiatives and programs.

College and Room Essentials (C.A.R.E.) Initiative

C.A.R.E. eliminates the economic barrier of purchasing basic needs to transition into higher education. This initiative gives us the opportunity to supply students transitioning into higher education with school supplies, bedding and toiletries.

We are seeking the following donations:

  • 3 subject notebooks
  • 1″ inch binders
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Pens
  • Corkboards


Own Your Career Institute

Sponsor a student by:

  1. Purchasing a new business casual or professional outfit, including shoes and accessories.
  2. Offer a paid internship at a minimum rate of $12 per hour
  3. Pay for a student to attend a conference, networking event or workshop related to their career interests
  4. Allow one or more students to shadow you for 5- 10 days


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