Advanced Institutes

Advanced Institutes
Career + Business Education That Empowers Your Confidence!

The Advanced Institutes are 18 month intensive industry-specific career and small business education accelerator programs designed for entrepreneurs and employees seeking to elevate their career.


Ambitious social impact entrepreneurs and employees seeking to advance within your career by gaining a promotion or elevating your business. The Advanced Institutes are designed to center and elevate the voices, qualifications and presence of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPoC) and/or individuals with low-moderate income. You must be  ages 18-35 with 2+ years of experience in either Fashion + Beauty or Construction + Design (interior design, interior decorating or mural painting).

As a student, YOU WILL unapologetically advance yourself beyond the establishment phase by working with industry experts who will help you scale your brand message and influence while strengthening your self confidence and understanding of industry trends and business operations, systems and administration. We are intentional in our recognition and celebration of the uniqueness and diversity of each individual student and will encourage you to understand how you create a larger piece of society’s puzzle.

As an active, engaged student you will further develop skills to take control of your career and improve your economic status while uplifting your community.

Through the Institutes you can expect to:

  • Gain access to a team of industry experts who believe in you and want to help you succeed
  • Increase your revenue by gaining more clients or a promotion
  • Learn how to budget your money
  • Address mindset blocks that prevent you from elevating
  • Become more clear on who you client/customer is
  • Learn how to become a leader who builds a loyal team and client/customer base
  • Develop a plan for the team you need to help you elevate and achieve squad goals
  • Clarify your brand message and influence so you can market your skills, product, and/or service to the right people
  • Celebrate your success every step of the way, even the small wins!

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