Advanced Fashion + Beauty Institute

Advanced Fashion + Beauty Institute
Advance your fashion career. Scale your business. EMPOWER your confidence.

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Institute Summary

Since 2016, the Fashion + Beauty Institute (formerly Fashion Edition Institute) has provided fashion + beauty professionals and entrepreneurs with an intentional and inspirational learning environment that promotes an “I Got This” mindset. Students are provided career coaching and mentorship that helps build confidence, further develop their brand (personal and/or business), become more comfortable with public speaking, address trauma and limiting beliefs that affect success in the workplace and strengthen their understanding about the operational and administrative responsibilities that help ensure the success of small businesses and departments alike.

Meet Your Industry Experts

Meet the 2023 Advanced Fashion + Beauty Institute Class 

Coco, Fashion Event Host and Performance Coach

Nykesa, Hair Stylist, Hair Product Creator and Owner of Touches by Nykesa Reviving Hair Care Line

Quita, Elegant Dress Designer and Owner of Sew Quita

Institute Details

Applications open October 2024

Institute Description

The Advanced Fashion + Beauty Institute (F+BI) is an intensive 18 month career and business education program for ambitious fashion and beauty employees and entrepreneurs driven to advance their career in the industry. A team of industry experts provide hands-on mentorship, coaching and business consultation to help address limiting beliefs that prevent you from having the confidence to take your career to the next level.

During the Institute you will clarify your brand message and identity, learn how to maximize your expertise and earning potential, and gain the confidence and skills to manage business operations, systems and processes.

We accept up to 8 fashion + beauty professionals who are employees or entrepreneurs driven to disrupt the status quo, break down and break through the barriers of economic disparity, and advocate for themselves within the fashion + beauty worlds. The team of industry professionals are seeking to mentor, advise and coach individuals who are serious about advancing their career while growing a business or department.

We invite individuals who are coachable, embrace honest feedback and desire to improve and rise to the next level!

Fashion + beauty students will focus their attention on how to:

  • Enhance their industry brand identity, message and influence
  • Develop a better understanding of industry trends and how the business of fashion and/or beauty operates
  • Work alongside a community of industry professionals and peers who inspire forward movement and advancement

The Institute is split into 2 parts:

  • Part I focuses you on career and business education that helps you gain a deep understanding of business operations, systems and administration.
  • Part II focuses on individual 1:1 mentorship that holds you accountable to securing a promotion, going full time in your business or elevating your business to the next level.

At the end of Part I, we will celebrate and showcase your success. This event is attended by fashion and beauty professionals, your family and friends and influential community members.

Ideal Candidates

Age: 18-35

Candidate Status: We are seeking motivated, coachable fashion + beauty professionals and entrepreneurs who embrace honest feedback, desire to improve their skills and knowledge about the business behind the industry. Candidates must have 4+ years of experience, have made $25,000+ in your role, a passion and desire to grow in the fashion and/or beauty industries whether you: 

  • work for and support the growth of a small, medium or large fashion or beauty  company
  • offer freelance services in the fashion and/or beauty industries or
  • run a business in the fashion and/or beauty industries

You can currently in one or more of the following positions:

    • Designer (accessories, footwear and apparel)
    • Wardrobe/Personal Stylist
    • Event Producer (fashion shows and events)
    • Film Producer and/or Director
    • Model
    • Hair Stylist or Product Creator
    • Creative Director (fashion shows, photoshoots and events)
    • Beauty: Makeup, hair, etc. for fashion professionals and/or events
    • Lifestyle Brand + Retailer
    • Blogging
    • Fashion and Talent Agent
    • Graphic Designer
    • Fashion Show Stylist
    • Fashion Ambassadors
    • Visual Merchandising

Institute Phases

You will transition through these phases to advance your confidence, brand, business acumen and influence.

PHASE 1: Growth Mindset

We prepare you to have a positive experience by identifying and addressing trauma that leads to limiting beliefs as well as negative reactions which can hinder your learning experience and overall positive growth and development. Addressing trauma from the onset sets the stage for a transformational learning experience.

PHASE 2: Customer/Client Identification

You will clarify who your customer or client is, why you are marketing and selling to this target audience as well as your passion and motivation behind working with these individuals.

For those self-motivated employees out there, the company leadership team is your client!

PHASE 3: Marketing, Brand Development + Content Creation

You will enhance your personal brand by further establishing yourself as an expert in the field and developing content that showcases your knowledge and skills. Marketing and brand development pros will help you will take steps to enhance your personal brand message and identity.

PHASE 4: Team Development 

Having a solid team of people who helps you meet and exceed your goals is CRITICAL to your success as someone who is elevating your authority in the fashion and/or beauty industry. It’s not easy to build a team, mainly because it’s hard to trust people WILL produce quality work; however, as a leader, YOU MUST trust your team to execute a shared vision. During this phase, you will get clear on who you need to be on your team to help you get to the next level as an influential employee or entrepreneur in the industry!

PHASE 5: Visual + Verbal Communications

Visual and verbal communication stand out as two distinct yet interconnected means of expression. As a growing authority in your fields it is critical you confidently express your thoughts and ideas to connect with others on a deeper level. With the guidance of a verbal and visual communication pros you will increase your confidence when conveying your message and knowledge to audiences.

PHASE 6: Financial Management 

Understanding your finances will empower you to grow your revenue as an employee or entrepreneur. It is CRITICAL for you to have full knowledge of the expenses and revenue that help you elevate to the next level of your career as an industry influencer and authority.

PHASE 7: Public Speaking + Networking

Getting comfortable motivating groups of people to take action will bring you far. This is your time to shine during a 3 night, 4 day industry business trip. You will speak with industry pros who are also making a real difference but further along in their career than you are. You will strengthen your confidence and ability to publicly present pitch decks and present yourself as someone worth hiring, recommending or doing business with. This is your time to convey messages that motivates your audience to take action! 

PHASE 8: Celebrate, Fashion + Beauty Showcase

Celebrating success and growth is INCREDIBLY important! We will celebrate all of your accomplishments while you showcase your work, achievements and next level aspirations. This public event attracts industry professionals and community members dedicated to supporting people like you thrive!  

PHASE 9: Accountability Mentorship

You will be paired with an accountability mentor to assure you continue to implement action steps related to the next level goals you established for yourself by the end of the first 6 months of the Institute. This mentorship will be provided for one year after the first 6 months of the Institute.

Schedule + Cost

Applications open October 2024

    Institute Schedule

Dates: February – August; this is an 18 month program
February: Mindset Retreat, an experience to prepare you for the Fashion + Beauty Institute lifestyle.

Part I: February – August | Part II: September – August

Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, every Monday and Tuesday

Application accepted October – December
Interviews conducted November and December

Institute Tuition

$4,820 for early stage entrepreneurs or early-mid career employees paying themselves (true value: $16,000) – supports the cost of a 3night/4day  Mindset Retreat, 6 months of weekly industry coaching and mentorship, supplies, workbook, dinner at each session, RT travel and overnight accommodations for the NYC Fashion + Beauty Business tour*, a business toolkit and 10 months of 1:1 mentorship from an industry professional following Part I of the Institute. PAYMENT PLANS ARE OFFERED.

*The Fashion + Beauty Business Tour will be a 2night/3day business trip in NYC that includes meetings with fashion + beauty professionals who are staples of the global fashion + beauty industry*

$15,000 for established businesses investing in their team members – supports the cost of a 3night/4day Mindset Retreat, weekly coaching and mentorship, industry curated networking opportunities supplies, a workbook, dinner at each session, RT travel and overnight accommodations for the NYC Fashion + Beauty tour* and goal aligned sponsorships and resources (i.e. a custom business toolkit, money, business opportunities, etc.) . PAYMENT PLANS ARE OFFERED.

*The Fashion + Beauty tour will be a 2night/3day business trip in NYC that includes meetings with fashion + beauty professionals who are staples of the global fashion + beauty industry*

Program Impact


students have completed the institute


have continued growing their careers in the local fashion industry


grew their businesses in terms of clients and revenue


hired additional employees


students grew into successful freelancers


Unique Mason

Fashion Designer

“I feel more motivation to move forward with my business because I have a better understanding of production costs, my customer profiles and how to operate my business.”

Company: Uniquely D’Vine

Donnay Stone

Emerging Fashion Designer

“I got to see the real ins and outs of how the back end side of the industry works. I experienced and develop[ed] a deeper understanding of the business of fashion from industry leaders.”

Malaika Iyok

Wardrobe Stylist

“Meeting professionals in the industry helped me get valuable feedback about what I want to do and knowing someone in the professional field of what I want to do gave me the confidence to do it.”

Company: Iyok Stylez

Eugene O’Neill

Apparel Designer

“The program is what I asked for. Our experience with Kierra, one of the teachers/mentors, helped me define who my brand is for.”

Company: Made In Truth Clothing


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