Create a Program for Business
Create a Business Program
We help businesses connect with millennial talent.

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Partner with us to design a program tailored-made for your company

Partner with us to design a track within the Seeking, Getting and KEEPING the Job (SGKJ) Series program that integrates into your current human resource development and recruitment strategy. The SGKJ series is a career exploration, development, and advancement program designed to meet the recruitment needs of employers and skill needs of job/career candidates.

The workshop was one of the most helpful programs I have ever attended. I am so grateful for the knowledge that Mission Accomplished shared and although I am overwhelmed with your generous dorm room bin, the information I gained will last me a lifetime.

-James, Albany High School Student

I figured this series was going to be repetitive to what I learned at freshman orientation, but it wasn’t at all. They didn’t talk about time management or goal setting at my orientation, so learning this information was very helpful.

 –Quamel, Green Tech Charter High School

We will help you design a program

that will help your business:

Prescreen future millennial apprentices

Mission Accomplished works with you to better understand the type of talent your business needs to thrive and then we recruit and train individuals who have a passion for learning. We can work with new recruits or current employees who you would like to prepare for a promotion.

Attract a new & diverse talent pool

One of the hardest things for a company to do is find a diverse type of talent that fits in with the goal and mission you have set. Mission Accomplished helps you foster a diverse workforce that will help your company continue to innovate and adapt to the changing business landscape.

Limit your employee turn over

Reduce turnover by fostering greater employee loyalty, increasing productivity and improving your bottom line. We help you find and train the candidates that will have the highest likelihood of success and growth within your company.

Offer on-the-job career support

Let your employees know that  you have a vested interest in their growth through quality career education and professional development

The Process

Identify a department that needs to recruit, train, and coach millennial apprentices

Partner with us to design a tailor-made program and curriculum

 Launch the program

Hire apprentices at an hourly rate of $11/hr or promote employees

Program development, design, and delivery fees are based on the program elements. Contact Carmen at 518-207-0209


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