Create Your Own

Create Your Own

Invest what you can!

At Mission Accomplished we believe in the power of the people. Whatever you choose to invest (donate) whether it’s $1.00, $50 or $1,000 rest assure it will go towards helping students develop into leaders. Our programs and training are all geared towards one simple mantra: helping students find their passion and achieve their purpose. We know it takes a village and would not be able to continue our programming without the help and support of our investors.


Your Investments Help Us, Help Students!

Every dollar counts when it comes to helping our students. Your investment will help to continue delivering quality career education and coaching programs that motivate students to take ownership of their career paths and feel confident asserting their vision for their future!

“The Group Coaches in the SGKJ Series program helped me become more confident with preparing a speech then sharing it publicly in room fillu of professionals. It was scary but I did it! They also helped me get a job at Foot Locker.” 



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