Sponsor for Succes Monthly Giving Program: $10-$150 per month

Sponsor for Succes Monthly Giving Program: $10-$150 per month

Your monthly investment will help sustain our career coaching and mentoring programs for under/unemployed rising young professionals age 13-35 pursuing or with careers in fashion, construction, event planning or as business owners or freelancers.

Dear Friend,

We are excited that you are interested the Sponsor for Success Monthly Giving Program. We hope you will consider joining this movement to help sustain our programs and services.

Click here to review the details, including the giving levels and perks.

The Sponsor for Success Monthly Giving Program is a program that allows individuals, small businesses and corporations to further support the expansion and sustainability of Mission Accomplished. The organization is missioned “to prepare aspiring young professionals for the global economy by providing access to coaching, job training, and professional development.”

Mission Accomplished is requesting your sponsorship in order to continue to direct, encourage and support young adults in establishing and sustaining valuable careers and entrepreneurial ventures.  The program bridges the gap for young adults which allows them to focus on success and promotes positive, professional growth and development.

Click here to review the details, including the giving levels and perks.

Since 2012, Mission Accomplished has helped over 1,000 young adults in the Capital Region and would like to further expand its reach into the community. After receiving their high school diploma many students are unsure how they will support themselves as they select a path into technical, vocational, or college studies.  There is an enormous need in the community and Mission Accomplished is requesting your ongoing support so that we can expand and continue to elevate our young professionals and entrepreneurs! Our services are provided at no or low cost to our students. We depend upon contracts, grants and people like you to fund our programs—in fact, half of our operating income comes from individual contributions.

Please review the attached materials to understand the type of services your contribution will support and the level of sponsorship appropriate for you.  Please also feel free to visit our web page (matransitionservices.org) for more information about the organization.

It is my hope that you will become a monthly sponsor.  However, if you’d rather make a one-time contribution, it would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you for your anticipated support.

With Gratitude,

Coach Carmen, Chief Coach + Founder
Board of Directors
The full Mission Accomplished Transition Services team

Your investment will enable students to:

  • Improve business communication skills
  • Gain industry-specific exposure, portfolios and connections
  • Learn new industry-specific skills and knowledge
  • Get connected to employment, paid internships or apprenticeships and professional development opportunities
  • Acquire industry-specific business kits that include equipment, software, attire, etc.
  • Tour companies to explore career opportunities
  • Receive career and business coaching and mentiorship by industry and talent development professionals
  • Get connected to meaningful ways to give back to their communities

“The Group Coaches helped me become more confident with preparing a speech then sharing it publicly in room full of professionals. It was scary but I did it! They also helped me get a job at Foot Locker.” 



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