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The workshop was one of the most helpful programs I have ever attended. I am so grateful for the knowledge that Mission Accomplished shared and although I am overwhelmed with your generous dorm room bin, the information I gained will last me a lifetime.

-James, Albany High School Student

I figured this series was going to be repetitive to what I learned at freshman orientation, but it wasn’t at all. They didn’t talk about time management or goal setting at my orientation, so learning this information was very helpful.

 –Quamel, Green Tech Charter High School

Seeking, Getting and KEEPING the Job series

The Seeking, Getting and KEEPING the Job Series is a career exploration, development, and advancement program that aligns

with high school ELA common core objectives and business or entreprenuership class and with adult education

business and english classes, campus student groups and (higher) educational opportunity programs (HEOP or EOP).

Students will:

Develop the skill to use written vocabulary and structure to convey an interest in specific employment opportunities.

Improve their interviewing, professional communication and networking skills.

Participate in job shadow days with local business leaders to gain first-hand experience of employee responsibilities.

The Stand! Speak! ACT! Series

The Stand! Speak! ACT! Series is a community organizing and development program

that aligns with high school social studies classes and adut education social welfare or humanities courses.

Students will:

Further explore the history of social justice inequalities in their local community and beyond.

Develop effective, results-oriented community organizing and development skills.

Learn how to become advocates for change, address social justice inequalities and navigate the political process.

Enhance their ability to write clearly and informtaively through grant proposals and/or action plans to support solution-based work.

The Higher Education Prep Series

The Higher Education Prep Series is a college and vocational preparation program

to help students plan for life after high school. Students will:

Students will:

Research multiple colleges, vocational school and gap year optionsthat align with their goals.

Learn about the culture of the colleges, vocational schools or gap year programs they aspire to attend.

Develop critical time management strategies.

Have the oppotunity to participate in college, vocational school and/or gap year program tours.

The Process

Identify a class and teacher partner

Partner with us to design the curriculum and core components of the program

Launch the program during the school day in the classroom

Connect students with businesses and nonprofits that will hire them as apprentices, employees or volunteers

Program development, design, and delivery fees are based on the program elements. Conact Carmen at 518-207-0209.


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