Teen Construction + Design Institute

Teen Construction + Design Institute
Explore careers in and the business behind construction, interior design and decorating, and mural painting.

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Institute Summary

The Teen Construction + Design Institute (C+DI) is an 8 month paid career exploration program for teens considering careers in construction, interior design, interior decorating and mural painting. Throughout the program industry experts provide hands-on mentorship to help you learn about industry requirements, and prepare to work in the industry of your choice. This 8 month program has 2 parts – career education workshops and hands on work experience through an internship. Throughout the experience you will learn about industry trends, connect with industry experts and peers and prepare to market yourself as future construction + design gurus.

Institute Details

Through the Teen C+DI youth are exposed to careers and work experiences in construction, mural painting and interior design and decorating.  Once enrolled students will be interns of Mission Accomplished Transition Services.  Part I of the Institute educates student interns about key business operations skills and knowledge. Weekly interactive and student centered workshops are developed and delivered in partnership with industry professionals. During Part II student interns will be paired with industry professionals to work on a short term construction, interior design, interior decorating or mural painting project.

The Institute addresses barriers into the construction + design industry, particularly for women and Black Indigenous People of Color, by providing aspiring teen tradespeople and creatives with the necessary knowledge, experience and connections to prepare themselves to follow a path that requires skilled tradespeople while making a positive impact in their communities.

We accept applications August 1, 2024 – October 11, 2024. In the meantime, click the interest form button and complete the form then we’ll contact you.

Time commitment: 6-9 hours per week (October – June)
Days + Times: 5pm-8pm, every Wednesday + Thursday

Part I, Career Education Workshops (October – January):

  • learn industry language
  • foster stronger relationships with industry peers
  • experience a professional learning environment while fostering an industry specific  learning community
  • discover whether or not the industry, organization, or professional role is a good personal and professional fit for you
  • strengthen your business etiquette skills and knowledge
  • learn about the career journeys and requirements from industry professional

Part II, Industry Project (February-May):

  • work on a project in partnership with a local fashion or beauty company
  • foster relationships with industry peers and professionals
  • experience a professional work environment
  • enhance project management and execution skills
  • identify whether or not the industry, organization, or professional role is a good personal and professional fit for you
  • industry experience
  • enhance professional network
  • develop team building skills
  • develop public speaking and professional writing skills
  • shadow local business leaders in your desired trade of interest
  • gain access to local inspirational industry professionals



of students say the Institute helps them explore careers they did not consider before


of students Was paired with an industry mentor


of students secured employment (2022-2023 school year)


of students were referred to and enrolled in additional career and college readiness programs (2022-2023 school year)

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