The Impact of the Education Care Packages

Since 2015, we have given over 100 care packages to students transitioning to college, trade school or a gap year program. 72.9% of recipients have an average household income of less than $45,000 per year. In addition to the receiving the care packages student recipients participate in a 2-day Higher Education Preparation Series that truly help students prepare for the transition into new learning and living environments. Through the series students gain access to students actively engaged in higher education programs, financial advisors, career coaches, financial aid counselors and more. Engagement with these professionals allow the students to their new life more informed and with a network of people who are invested in their happiness and success. 98% of the students who received a C.A.R.E. packages are enrolled in college.

The workshop was one of the most helpful programs I have ever attended. I am so grateful for the knowledge that Mission Accomplished shared and although I am overwhelmed with your generous dorm room bin, the information I gained will last me a lifetime.

-James, Albany High School Student

I figured this series was going to be repetitive to what I learned at freshman orientation, but it wasn’t at all. They didn’t talk about time management or goal setting at my orientation, so learning this information was very helpful.

 –Quamel, Green Tech Charter High School

Receiving all of these supplies is truly a blessing!


What is the Education Care Package Contest?

The Education Care Package Contest not only offers a FREE care package to selected high school students transitioning into higher education (college, a gap year program or trade school), student recipients also win entry into our 8-hour career + education group coaching program.  local influential subject matter experts provide tips on how to manage the transition into higher education, life as a rising young professional and develop a competitive edge against your peers as you transition into a new phase of your life!

FOR STUDENTS WHO WILL LIVE ON CAMPUS OR AN APARTMENT: The care package includes over $400 worth of school supplies, bedding and personal care items for students who will live on campus or an apartment while in college, a gap year program or trade school. 

 FOR STUDENTS WHO WILL STAY HOME: The care package includes over $100 worth of school supplies and personal care items for students who will live home while in college, a gap year program or trade school.  

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