Social Entrepreneurship Institute

Social Entrepreneurship Institute
Helping social entrepreneurs make an impact in their communities.

Program Summary

The Social Entrepreneurship Institute (SEI) addresses the barriers to entrepreneurship for social entrepreneurs age 13-35. We prepare them to make the greatest impact in their communities.

The Social Entrepreneurship Institute (SEI) addresses the barriers to entrepreneurship by providing rising social entrepreneurs age 13-35 with the necessary knowledge, experience and connections to prepare themselves to follow an entrepreneurial path while making an impact in their communities.

High School-based program description

In partnership with high school teachers we provide and facilitate weekly content. These sessions are:

    • Interactive and student centered
    • Community and industry focused


Engaged students who show further curiosity and enthusiasm about business development are offered the opportunity to work with industry mentors who are business leaders with expertise in marketing and branding, executive coaching, business development and administration and fundraising through Mission Accomplished’s social enterprise, Sparklite Beverages. Sparklite is a made to order carbonated beverage infused with fruits and/or herbs.

Through Sparklite Beverages, we provide opportunities for:

    • Coaching + mentorship
    • Community engagement
    • Networking/relationship building
    • Entrepreneurial development + experience
    • Business development + communications
    • Business administration
    • Product refinement + development
    • Marketing and public relations
    • Financial literacy (budget development and application)
    • Public speaking

Program Impact


of students say the Institute helps them further explore a career as a business owner


of students completed (2018-2019 school year)


of students secured employment


students participated in the New York State Business Model Competition


Community-based program description

This program will launch in 2021

The community-based Social Entrepreneurship Institute will provide social entrepreneurs aged 18-35 with a community of support and a motivating learning environment that promotes an “I Got This” mindset and inspires goal development and achievement.

We will accept up to 8 entrepreneurs with a business that has been in existence for 2+ years and has filed at least 1 year of taxes. We invite social entrepreneurs who are coachable, embrace honest feedback and desires to improve while bringing their career and/or business to the next level.

Social entrepreneurs will focus their attention on how to:

    • Enhance their brand and influence
    • Develop a better understanding of business operations
    • Work alongside a community of industry professionals and peers who inspire them to move forward

Additionally, each social entrepreneur will be paired with a coach to help them develop and employ a 3-month action plan.

At the end of 3 months, during the Rites of Passage Ceremony, students present the goals they’ve achieved during the Institute, announce the additional resources they need to bring themselves to the next level and are awarded with a customized business toolkit. Industry professionals and peers in the audience will step up in real time to let them know which resources they can provide.

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